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REJIG creates energetic and vibrant jigsaw puzzles fit for the modern age. Part challenge, part play, we wanted to offer something that everyone can hunker down to.


We’ll level with you; we're not exactly life long puzzlers. But in the depths of winter, we re-discovered them. It was the activity we didn’t know we were missing. A workout for the brain, an escape for the mind and the perfect respite from incessant screen time. But we found the range of puzzles on offer wanting; we wanted more from the puzzle world and we couldn't be the only ones. So we set about making our own, experimenting until we found the perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment – and Rejig was born. A year on, we've collaborated with some of the best illustrators to bring you our second collection, titled 'Origins'. Our puzzles let you reconnect through engaging, playful designs (and not a watercolour landscape in sight!).