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Rejig x Sofie Birkin
Rejig x Sofie Birkin
Rejig x Sofie Birkin
Rejig x Sofie Birkin
Rejig x Sofie Birkin

Rejig x Sofie Birkin

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Origins Collection

This puzzle is one in a series by a range of illustrators responding to the theme 'Origins'. 

What's in the box:

  • 1000 piece puzzle
  • Organic canvas pouch 
  • A3 poster in high quality GSM

Made in the UK from 100% recycled materials.

Artist's Note:

"In my work I enjoy exploring queer and anachronistic retellings of myths and folklore. For ‘Origins’, I wanted to create a landscape in tribute to some of the characters and ideas, real and fictional, of Ancient Greece, which have contributed to queer and feminist culture today. 

In the bottom left hand corner is Sappho, the archaic Greek poet from Lesbos who is widely regarded as having given lesbianism its name. On top of her head is a garland of violets, something she referenced in her poetry, which has led to violets becoming a historic symbol of queer women.

Next to her are two Ancient Greek women styled as muses, reclining in a position common to heterosexual, neo-classical depictions of Ancient Greeks, but instead as a queer couple sharing a moment of intimacy.

Behind them are Medusa and a stylized interpretation of Andromeda. Classically, Andromeda is rescued from the Cetus by Perseus, using the decapitated head of Medusa who he has just slain. This is the second time I have queer-ed the story by taking Perseus out of the equation and having the much maligned Medusa as the hero instead.

In the back left are a group of dancing Greek mimes. The art of mime was originated in Ancient Greece, and can be considered an early version of drag performance. While gender nonconformity wasn’t an inherent part of Greek mime performances, their exaggerated gestures and dramatic performances have influenced a history of alternative performance which informs drag today.

On the back right is an Amazon, a race of fierce female warriors who lived in a matriarchal society free of men. The Amazons have been a consistently inspiring image for feminists and queer women. Amazons are part of Greek mythology but the real world existence of an ancient line of women warriors was proven in 2019 when a grave with generations of female Scythian warriors was uncovered in what is now modern day Russia."